Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brain Damage Sound System

As I sit down once again at my station in a deserted university to continue the inscription process (T.H.E.S.I.S) I reflect on the tunes I listen to this summer. The soundtrack for my summer is becoming the French dub unit Brain Damage Sound System and their CD Spoken Dub Manifesto. I recomend it for a literate but completely twisted take on the society we live in and the sounds that can change it. Some videos:

BRAIN DAMAGE - Mistaken (Foreztival 2007)

Brain Damage - High Again - 04/06/06

Brain Damage is a French dub band from Saint-Étienne. The band is made up by Martin, sound engineering, and Raphael, bass. Created in the year 1999 by two members of the dub collective and label Bangarang, Brain Damage play a very personal and particular dub music: dark, like their home city, and emotional. The band defines it like an emo-dub-ambient. On stage, Brain Damage is a very awesome sound-system in a dub bass/machine spectacular. (

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