Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer is here

Yea, so the text here is running thin as the summer break kicks in for real this week. My mum arrived from Australia two days ago so that takes up my time. The kids are happy with a picnic yesterday and Erika (my other half) got a tattoo yesterday as the 6 year old watched with great admiration. The soundtrack for my time is Sky FM Roots Reggae (thanks Magnus). One thing I did want to report is that I managed to produce 5500 words as a guest on the -empyre- soft skinned space this month. The theme was Liquid Narrative and here are my entries from the list archive:

Barrett on Stories that Flow

Liquid Narrative Topos

Liquid Narrative Topos II

Liquid Borders?

More controversy

Body as Sign over Boarders

Ideology of narrative Needs to be Expanded

Narrative as Cultural Form

I really enjoyed my interaction with the -empyre- list this month and it has helped me clarify some of the issues I have been dealing with in my research work. Thanks to all on empyre soft skinned space.

The blogging here will be occasional for the next few weeks but I will be working on a few projects, mostly music based. The details will be posted here now and then....Happy summerness to all in the north,

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