Friday, June 09, 2006

Where am I?

Since last weekend I have been writing for the -empyre- list so blogging has slowed here somewhat. June is a bit of a quiet time at university but I have work to do, it just feels like it is so much harder to get in to when most of the campus population is on holidays (under grads) or at summer schools (post grads). I will perserveer however.
A tip from a colleague:
Across the world millions of people have no land that they can call their own. Many have been made landless from great injustices. As populations grow and property prices rise the struggle for land becomes more difficult every day.
Give Me Land PODCAST

On another ownership issue. Something else I have been watching is the sudden embrace by the major political parties here in Sweden of file sharing on the internet. There is to be a general election in September in Sweden and the largest bit torrent server in the world was shut down last week:

The Pirate Bay Raid.

So yesterday the Moderate Party (Liberals) and the Greens said Sweden needs a new model for copyrighted material and today even the government agrees:
"Justice Minister Tomas Bodstrom can see himself tearing up the law that forbids file downloading" according to Dagens Nyheter.
He goes on to qualify this with saying the most important thing is that artists [not the agents of the artists....Interesting] are paid for their work and that the technical model delivering their works is not so important.
This is the most reasonable thing the government has said about file sharing for a while. It could be that the pirate bay becomes the navy. More on the subject from Hacker Freak.

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