Monday, July 03, 2006

Summer with Bill

Although summer is the time to be out in the sunshine and so on, you could do worse than spend some time watching the amazing collection of films that are being amassed for download on UBUWEB. I draw special attention to the complete collection of the cut-up films of Balch-Burroughs-Gysin:

William Buys a Parrot
Bill and Tony
Towers Open Fire
Ghost at No.9 (Paris)
The Cut-Ups

These are early examples of remixed media that is today being debated, dammed and praised in such contexts as The Influences "the live talk show you won't see on TV!" in July at the Center of Contemporary Culture Barcelona Vuk Cosic, Paul D. Miller/ DJ Spooky, Molleindustria, Irwin/ Neue Slovenische Kunst, Vencenzo Sparanga, Oscar Brahim, and Chicks on Speed)- free entrance!!!!!

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