Tuesday, June 13, 2006

“Digital Rights Management”: Report of an Inquiry by the All Party Internet Group

The British parliament's All Party Parliamentary Internet Group delivered its "Digital Rights Management": Report of an Inquiry by the All Party Internet Group a few weeks ago but I only got to hear of it today because that's how long (a paper copy of the) Guardian takes to get to Umea. But it was a pleasant piece of news when it did get here, even if it did not really go far enough. It did have some nice recommendations:

We recommend that the Government consider granting a much wider-ranging exemption to the anti-circumvention measures in the CDPA for genuine academic research.

We recommend that OFCOM publish guidance to make it clear that companies distributing TPM systems in the UK would, if they have features such as those in Sony-BMG's MediaMax and XCP systems, run a significant risk of being prosecuted for criminal actions. [Ya Ya Ya]

We recommend that the government do NOT legislate to make DRM systems mandatory.

In the same copy of the Guardian is a small article about Lawrence Lessig. In an interview for the piece Lessig states:
"I really do at the core believe in the law," he explains. "I believe in this space where it is reason that is supposed to be directing power, as opposed to just power directing power."

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