Monday, June 19, 2006

La Sierra

I just watched this film and it is an amazing piece of documentary journalism, not least because of the intensity of the subject matter. From the website:

"More than 30,000 people have been killed over the last ten years in Colombia's bloody civil conflict, in which left-wing guerillas fight against the government and illegal right-wing paramilitary groups. Recently, as guerillas and paramilitaries sought to control marginal city neighborhoods, urban gangs aligned themselves with each side. In this way, the national conflict was translated into a brutal turf war that pitted adjacent barrios against each other. The documentary La Sierra explores life over the course of a year in one such barrio (La Sierra, in Medellin), through the prism of three young lives."

What it does not talk so much abut is the role of the Columbian government supporting and aiding the paramilitaries in their tasks of murder and terror. When the parmilitary group is no longer needed or gets too much power they are eliminated one by one by government forces (even if their members are already in jail). This is what happened to all the young men in La Sierra.

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