Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Teaching Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be teaching my first university class which is part of a course that students gain credits for (Technical English, 5 Credit Points) as opposed to short courses and being a visiting teacher. This is both exciting and a bit scary. There are around 65 students in two groups and I am teaching the spoken language part of the course. I realize that I have not much time (65 minutes for each group, that's 2 minutes for each student!!) so I want to provide both resources and skills that can use in their own time if they are serious about the course. So I am looking at introducing them to Podcasts (when I asked last week about 15 of them said they did not know what they were) and have made a handout describing the podcasts available from the NASA website (being a technical language course). There is of course a danger that if a try to include unsupported materials, such as online podcasts, that it may be more difficult for some students to gain access and benefit from them. I will start and see how it goes. There is always the tried and tested material I have inherited/gained from the previous teacher of the course (bless him) and this will be the basis for my teaching as well. I am looking forward to it.....

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