Wednesday, January 04, 2006

3 Rs: Reading Reading Reading

Read this? Frozen Niki: "In due course Nikolaj's cranium will be stabilized at the -20°C mark and data transmission to the Bajkanur server will be initiated and fed immediately via the Internet to Nikolaj's personal blog."

I don't want this to get to much of a theme but really there is not much else of interest in my mind at the moment. Once again I am talking about reading. I continue my struggle to write of an academic standard about reading and it is not easy, but it does make me think. Today I got an email from the super-visor and it was not flattering. This thesis is as slippery as an eel. I have half an idea of what I want to say but saying is almost beyond me. Reading.....mmmm....."I enjoy it". Is that enough?
That which distinguishes reading of printed literature from digital forms seems redundant as a topic, so why do I keep getting tangled up with it? It seems so much easier to just give examples (see above image) and leave it at that, but that is show-and-tell (my favorite activity in primary school) and something I suspect has no place in a PhD (damn!!). So I need to awaken my own frozen cranium (too much raving in the 90's maybe) and get this tight and concise....shape up or ship out...pull your socks up, your finger out and get to work Barrett!!!! Ahhhh

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