Sunday, January 15, 2006

Indeterminacy of Blogging....

It has been over week since I blogged anything here. I have managed one entry on the HUMlab blog, concerning a very exciting project that I am helping out with there and other meetings that I had during the week. It has been a week of intense experiences; at home a sick 5 year old and a sick mother who is breast feeding a four month old who does not sleep until 2 or 3am some nights, plus my continued struggle with the first chapter of the thesis (struggle continues but I feel I am making progress so that's cool), and the weather being sort of....DARK (although today we really saw the sun full over the horizon....Oh happy days!!). One tends to feel a little stressed at times but after 10 hours sleep today and a day spent repotting house plants and re-arranging the loungeroom I feel more connected to reality. I still work on the weekend but only reading mostly. I finished some essays in Close Reading New Media by Van Looy and Baetens, which I actually have some issues with although some of the analysis is good. As well there is Miall, D. S. (2002). Literary Discourse. In Handbook of Discourse Processes, which was very interesting and discusses a mixed analytical approach moving between empirical research and stylistics in the reading of "literature" (what that actually may be is another major theme in the essay). Finally I am trying to really develop the concept of the Polyvalence Convention (hence the Miall essay) and it seems that Jacques Derrida wrote an essay in 1972 called Plato's Pharmacy, which deals with it. I have ordered the book it is in from the library (they only have it in French!) so until then I have been reading Intentionality, Originality, and the "Always Already" In Derrida and Gans by Tobias Foshay, which is interesting.
That's it at the Derrida may have agreed with, there is much more I could write but I can't right now as there is no time and who would really understand anyway?

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