Monday, January 30, 2006

Digital TV on Demand

Channel 4 in England is distributing its new sitcom called The IT Crowd online. You can download the 5 episodes each week from the website:

"The high-rise towers of Reynholm Industries are full of go-getters, success stories, and winners... apart from in the basement.

While their beautiful colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss lurk below ground, scorned and mocked by their co-workers as geeky losers, doomed never to make it back into normal society."

HUMlab is also in a basement. I wonder when I will make it to normal society. I never really thought about it before. The computer geek cliché I would have thought as a bit tired by now.

Speaking of now, distributing on demand is also doing strange things to time:

"Why wait until next week to watch the next episode of The IT Crowd? This week you can watch the next episode a week before everyone else, so CTRL + ALT + DEL your TV and watch The IT Crowd online NOW!"

Does that mean that next weeks episode is this weeks? Will there be a next weeks episode? Will it always just be NOW?

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