Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Present Status and Location

I have not had much to blog on in the last couple of days due to being fully occupied. I am working on a paper which I blogged about on the HUMlab blog yesterday. It is almost finished..I think and will be mailed to Sodertorn on Monday I hope.
It is titled The Sims as Engine of Narrativity: A Hybrid of Digital (Cyborg) Media and I hope it is well received.
Today was mostly spent at Nolia,which was a cultural learning experience for me. Sort of like the Agricultural Shows I grew up with but without sideshow alley and massive amounts of drinking. I was in the University site were I played a bit of didgeridoo and spoke to people about everything from Aborigines to Cosplay. It was tiring day actually.
Now back to The Sims...

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