Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mainstream Music Distribution Models Changing (Slowly)

From The Guardian Unlimited:

"Online music fans will for the first time be able to legally share tracks by big names such as Oasis, Beyonce, David Bowie and Elvis Presley after the artists' record label signed a ground-breaking deal with a new internet service provider.
In what some see as signaling a dramatic shift in the way consumers buy music, the provider, Playlouder, has licensed acts from SonyBMG, the world's second largest record label, and is confident that the other two big record labels, Universal and EMI, will follow suit."

Although I am not so interested personally in the music of "Beyonce" and Co. It is clear that despite the huffing and puffing the three biggest distributors of music in the world will eventually realize that there are other ways to shift units than selling them out of a overpriced megastore in the mall. Once the Big 3 fashion distribution to fit technology then they will see to the laws surrounding copyright fit their preferred distribution model. The creative commons license could well be a model for the mass market of the future, where "try-before-you-buy" becomes the norm and purchased CD's hold large amounts of extra multimedia content that is constantly being updated from sites where it can be downloaded.

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