Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don't Know What to Say..........

Want to write but have only bits to think about just now. Busy days but not much finished. Many things on their way but not much arriving. Played didge alone in the forest today and the trees seemed happy. I seems to have found a rhythm that is sweet and wicked.
Here's a poem by me about virtual reality, which is everywhere...first time I have ever put one here I think...something written in a moment of spiritual contemplation of my computer, which I think I love (Computer or poem??):

Ritual Vanity

My computer screen filled with flies
Real ones.
We cramped screaming fly to light
Like as
The moths we never believed ourselves
To be.
This month I have taken to the scrapings
Alive sound.

Ritual vanity is assembled about me
The sparkling ruins of a species
Battle ready by dissent and indulgence
Gather upon the edges of the game
Poised for a few seconds of connection
The timid blows of word sound
Images fall and rise again before
The Falling for how are we to have found
Our way out of this endless tiny labyrinth
Dead quiet.

Eyes look closer to the light
It suddenly becomes reflective
But the source is somehow
Behind me I notice shadows
Moving upon the edges of the screen
Gathering up my hands for taking
The trees appear to pass
Right through.

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