Thursday, August 04, 2005

HarperCollins Australia Launches Mobilereader

Harper Collins Publishers Australia has launched from August 17th 2005Mobile Reader, a mobile phone service whereby sample chapters of new book are downloadable on mobile phones for those registered with the website.
This looks like a test project for larger markets, such as the USA, if the project works. The service is to be to be free but the mobile service provider will charge for the downloads.
HarperCollins Publishers' marketing director, Jim Demetriou said "The next step, depending on the phone technology and quality of the screens, is actually getting authors to write books for mobile-phone use",
"They'd have to write in a truncated way, use a different style of writing. It would be aimed at a younger age group." he said.
Perhaps writing in a spatial or visual way would allow for an eventual connection with alternative reality gaming. An interesting possibility indeed.

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