Monday, April 05, 2004

The playing music in the street on Saturday went fairly well considering it was only about 3C degrees in the shadows. In my enthusiasm for summer I bolt out the door and the first sign of a return to plus temperatures and usually pay the (pr)ice.
People here in this northern Swedish town seem to generally appreciate the presence of street artists. It sometimes feels like we are really on the edge of things here so anything that makes a positive impression upon the vast forests and grey snow is met with interest and even some payment.
I'm organizing the Asia/Australia trip at the moment and it is going to be an intensive excursion. The time table at the moment runs from Singapore (Don Bosco/NUS) to Darwin (my sister) to the far north of cape York (Aurukun/Field Studies Project) to Brisbane (truna/QUT and my brother), Toowoomba (my parents) to Melbourne (Next Wave Festival)...all in 22 days.....perhaps I will just go and find a late summer beach somewhere and live on fruit for a few weeks

Oh....I just have to say this as it was once a very important moment for me; today is ten years since reluctant rock star and personality crisis Kurt Cobain blew his head off....a sad day it was.

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