Saturday, April 24, 2004

The concert went really well in Skelleftea. We even got a small mention in the local paper (in swedish), mostly for the distance from the concert hall to our homelands (Australia and Senegal). One thing I thought of while in Skelleftea was that the next best thing to travelling to another country is meeting people from other countries. It was great and it looks like I will have some pretty exciting musical activity over the summer (more news will follow when it is all official). Tomorrow night I will be playing at Magnus O's birthday party. It should be interesting and different as I will not have a didgeridoo with's to be mouth organ, jews harp and dembuka as accompanying Magnus N who plays guitar. We practiced tonight and some of it actually sounded pretty good. The rest of the weekend is to be spent packing up the flat and writing a paper on Teacher Education Policy in Laos.......what a varied life I lead.

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