Thursday, April 08, 2004

I am trying to set up an image server for this blog and it is proving to be a trial.....hope to have something worked out really soon but why it is causing so many problems I don't know.
This blog is now on the Aussie Blogs Webring so thats is great. There has occurred in recent years something of an Australian diaspora. All over the world there are Autralians living and working and in turn distributing the culture of our homeland, which depite the popular conception is varied and vibrant, although not especially market orientated. Aussie Blogs is a way of seeing the breadth and scope of Australians at work and play around the world.
Because of the image server problems there will be a few holes in this blog while I work it all out but Ill go back over and add the non-functioning pictures ASAP.
Happy Easter/Passover/Eostre......may peace come soon

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