Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wrecker and Mended Media for the Weak

Some choice online media items have landed on my screen this week. Is it my imagination or are the weeks moving at a more rapid pace than they used to.

Total Eclipse: Rimbaud and Verlaine

Silver Currant: Howlin Rain Live @ The Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain. 11.12.08
This Sidecar show is a warts and all event no doubt about it. The recording quality and "looseness" of the band are all part of the glory and charm. This show holds a very fond place in my memory both for the audience enthusiasm and because an old friend of ours from Humboldt County, Aolani Beere, came down from the Spanish hills where she now lives as a gypsy musician to join us on violin for a 12 minute version of "Nomads".

Music of Oceania – The Abelam of Papua Niugini
Nothing can prepare you to New Guinea’s ethnic music. The fact it is not much circulated doesn’t help either. Before I go any further, I shall notice these recordings are either initiation, ceremonial or sacred events, and shouldn’t be considered merely as music, or worse, entertainment. Nevertheless, I will discuss their sonic properties only. The Abelam are a tribe from North of the Sepik River and south of the Prince Alexander Mountains, in North-Eastern Papua New Guinea. The recordings were made by Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin in 1978-83, with a few tracks recorded by Professor Dr. Gerd Koch in 1966.

Likembe: Unknown Fela: Perambulator

Perambulator (Lagos International Records LIR 6) was released in 1983, following a rather fallow period in Fela's career, and just before the jailing on trumped-up charges that would bring him back to the world's attention. "Perambulator," the song, was apparently recorded a number of years earlier. Toshiya Endo writes in his Fela discography that it was the B side of the French issue of Shuffering and Shmiling (Barclay 829 710-1) in 1978 while "Frustration" was recorded as "Frustration of My Lady" in 1977 as the B side of an Afrodisia LP that was never released.

Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Music For The Odd Occasion, CD,1995,Australia

Very strange electronic/experimental band from Australia.As strarting point here we have the outskirts of trance(in their most extreme way)and we continue with dada experiments,psychedelic madness,ethno beats, strange sounds ,cut ups .... First released through Psyharmonics label but then released also by Negativeland's Seeland label(the similarities are more than obvious).The notorious Ollie Olsen is also involved in this project. Great listen!

The Peculiar Sounds of Peter Scion

WHO IS PETER SCION AND WHAT DID HE BRING INTO THE WORLD? Peter Scion is a Swedish musician who in the 90's and a couple of years into the 00's privately released a series of albums of psychedelic folk. The albums were released as micro edition CD-R:s and are now hard to find. Peter Scion retired from music making in the early 00's. This blog offers (legally and for free) Peter Scion's music recorded as a solo performer, and as a member of Continental Soul Searchers, Modryn and Pangolin.

Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine -Dark Star,tape,1996,Japan
Psyched out fuzz monster by some masters of the kind!Leningrand Psychedelic Blues Machine was a meeting of the psych wierdos Leningrand Blues Machine of Tabata Mara with Nanjo Asahito(High Rise,Mainliner,Toho Sara,etc) and Kawabata Makoto.This meeting of acid burned psych minds ended up to a version of Grateful dead's Dark Star.Fuzzed psyched out bass keeping the Dark Star main rhythm while Mr. Makoto's mystical jazzy achievement to psyced out excurtions give as a result a spaced out version of Jerry Garcia's jam.

Especial Jean-Luc Godard
A ton of Godard films for download

U B U W E B :: Salvador Dali
The antic genius of "the divine Dali" has never been better displayed than in these sprightly conversations with his old friend, Alain Bosquet, a novelist, poet, and critic. The setting for all ten conversations is Dali's luxurious Paris apartment. "From time to time a charming and formidable ocelot wearing a muzzle came strolling in from the next room, making the intruders tremble." But there are no muzzles on Dali and Bosquet.

Burroughs narrates Poe (video, MP3) - WFMU's Beware of the Blog

1995 videogame "The Dark Eye", featuring William Burroughs reading "The Masque of the Red Death", accompanied by some creepy slides

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