Thursday, November 05, 2009

Princess Hijab

Awake. Today. Writing. Anything Possible.


Anonymous said...

Darnest stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Princess Hijab & the city of Rats

Don't you wish that you can just clap your hands and a butler will come to you with a tray of whatever you wished? You wou;dn't even have to tell him, "Jeeves, get me a diet rum on the rocks," or anything.

I, of course, have this. I was just interested on knowing how the rest of the world felt about that.

I have a new assigment for all you out in the blog-o-sphere: I need you to kidnap Princess Hijab and bring her to me. I hear you can find her in Paris, the city of rats. Trust me, not that great of a town.

I returned from there recently to find that my maid, Juanita and my newest mistress, Ivanca had run away. But I bore you and am holding you from the task at hand. Your task. YOUR TASK BLOGGERS!!!