Monday, November 30, 2009

Bits and Bobs: media tips for a dark monday

And now some recomended online media from the managment:

No Law 4000 - Entire film
Western science fiction set in the year 4000. Cowboys with laser guns and aliens from Mexico on a hunt to get to the hidden treasure first. Lots of explosions, gunfights and beards. I am the voice of the mad poker player who is shot at 2 mins 52 sec; "I kill men like you before breakfast. So wipe that smile off your face....."

Celtx - #1 choice for media pre-production.
Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-production system. It replaces 'paper & binder' pre-production with a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share. It is free I tell!

Revolution Rising « Rolling hard on the bass drop, the High Chai Recordings label is excited to serve up its latest offering compiled by visionary dimmSummer – presenting original tracks from Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Niraj Chag, the Nasha Experience, Jalebee Cartel, and GOONDA, along with remixes from The Arch Cupcake (Cheb i Sabbah), Jahcoozi (Asian Dub Foundation), Sub Swara (State of Bengal) and Shiva Soundsystem (Swami) plus many more…

Dakar 1966 – 1er Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres
01 Evocation du Spectacle Féérique de Gorée (24:06)
(Gorée Island Enchanting Tale)

Petite Musique de Cour des Rois Mandingue et Balante
(Ancient Court Music of the Mandingue and Balante Senegalese Kings)
02 Improvisation Pour Une Fête (kora and balafon) (2:55)
03 Air pour une Fiancée (balafon solo) (3:18)
04 Nocturne pour une Reine (kora improvisation) (2:03)

Songs of New Nations,
sung by the De Paur Chorus (New Jersey)
05 Ghana (2:54)
06 Nigeria (4:16)
07 Congo (2:11)
08 Nigeria (3:12)
09 Ghana (2:55)

Total time 47:40
LP released by Philips, France, 1966

Booker T and the MGs

The house band at Stax, responsible for writing and backing a variety of singers on literally hundreds of soul hits, Booker T and the MGs (short for Memphis Group) are the wellspring and cornerstone of American music. Their trademark sound of Booker T's groovy organ and piano, Steve Cropper's tastefully minimal guitar licks, melodic bass lines of Duck Dunn and the bedrock in-the-pocket backing of Al Jackson, could be heard on the recordings of Otis Redding, Albert King, Wilson Pickett and many others. Immensely influental as a backing band, they were possibly the greatest instrumental group of the sixties, too. These two discs collect their best instrumental work. Licensing considerations did not allow a single best-of collection at the time when these came out, so the first one spans their earlier years on Atlantic (1962-67), the second covers 1968-71 on Stax (I think the archives are misnamed - "Stax" is called "Atlantic" and vice versa).

Mu. - Arecibo Psycodelic Classics 17: Abortos Musicales
You know DIY has gone over the edge when the artist braggs that his music was recorded “with one mic made out of cell phone parts and a ball of aluminum foil”. The album titled Arecibo Psycodelic Classics 17: Abortos Musicales by Mu. is a cornucopia of percussive sounds that seem to be dually influenced by John Cage and an army of toddlers let loose in a music store. While there is a temptation to think of Mu as someone who simply wants to find as many sounds as he can get out of the household appliances, he is actually quite imaginative and has some structure hiding behind the noise. Those familiar with avant jazz percussion of the 70s will get this album faster than most but I think the rest will still enjoy this interesting noisefest.

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