Friday, November 20, 2009

Wave of Action

The University of California is occupied. It is occupied as is the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and the Technical Institute of Graz; as were the New School, Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb and the Athens Polytechnic. These are not the first; they will not be the last. Neither is this a student movement; echoing the factory occupations of Argentina and Chicago, immigrant workers occupy forty buildings in Paris, including the Centre Pompidou. There is still life inside capital’s museum.
no capital projects but the end of capital

Yes, the university is a graveyard, but it is also a factory: a factory of meaning which produces civic life and at the same time produces social death. A factory which produces the illusion that meaning and reality can be separated; which everywhere reproduces the empty reactionary behavior of students based on the values of life (identity), liberty (electoral politics), and happiness (private property). Everywhere the same whimsical ideas of the future. Everywhere democracy. Everywhere discourse to shape our desires and distress in a way acceptable to the electoral state, discourse designed to make our very moments here together into a set of legible and fruitless demands. The Necrosocial by Giorgio Agamben

Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna is Occupied.

Life is not for Sale!
Education is not for Sale!
Palaces for everyone!
“Resistance to the education cutbacks is part of the fight against capitalism!
Luxury for all, instead of profits for the few!” Occupiers of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Vienna Calling

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