Thursday, October 30, 2008

Web 2.0 Story Telling

Bryan Alexander has published a text online, Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre. While giving a number of criteria for what this new genre may involve, Bryan seems to be also aware of the depth that the murky waters of online tech tools can hold:

To claim that there is now such a thing as “Web 2.0 storytelling” invites risks. For one, some media reports suggest that this type of storytelling could be either hype or a danger. In addition, trying to pin down such a moving target can result in creating terminology that becomes obsolete in short order. Moreover, claiming that storytelling is happening online and is developing in interesting ways contradicts some current assertions about a decline in reading.

I am sure I will return to this text for reading and reflection, but at the moment my thesis is eating my brain.

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Bryan's workshop blog said...

Murky indeed. But a lot of that murk is kicked up by so much creativity.

Good luck with thesis. And thanks for the link!