Monday, October 20, 2008

Media Tips and New Weekness

An Albino Tiger found in the private zoo of a suspected drug dealer. Police seized weapons, tigers and lions when they raided an alleged drug-trafficking ring in an upmarket neighbourhood of Mexico City.

Download Finished
Download Finished transforms and re-publishes films from P2P networks and online archives. Found footage becomes the rough material for the transformation machine, which translates the underlying data structure of the films onto the surface of the screen. The original images dissolve into pixels, thus making the hidden data structure visible. Through DOWNLOAD FINISHED, file sharers become authors by re-interpreting their most beloved films. Download Finished is a project by !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Sven König.

Songes av Tor Lundmark
Local bard Tor Lundmark has a new website. It has pictures, audio and text.

"Windproject 2008" - Andrea Ferroni - Italia (2008)
18 tracce - Durata totale: 58 minuti
18 brani che raccolgono i brani d'esordio ed altri più recenti tra quelli suonati nei concerti Live di Andrea Ferroni. 16 tracce di SOLO DIDGERIDOO senza alcuna interferenza di altri strumenti o sottofondi. Fanno eccezione un brano di flauto armonico ed uno scacciapensieri (dan moi). Tutti i didgeridoo suonati sono realizzati da Andrea e Giancarlo Ferroni Ulteriori informazioni all'interno del booklet

ABC Online Documentaries
Documentaries from the Australian Broadcatsing Commission

Not much in the way of media this week but I am really busy. Have finally finishe marking student papers, have a chapter seminar tomorrow, have to have a book chapter finished for publication, resume work on thesis chapters, and Ben and we shall be in Stockholm next week for his operation......aaahhhh!

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