Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah P. in the Big Chair

While it is looking increasingly unlikely that this image will ever find a resonance outside Photoshop, the idea spawns a satirical Flash piece that is really well done. President Sarah Palin in the White House gives you a surreal insight into what it may be like to have Scary Sari in the Oval Office. (HINT: Don't keep opening the door if you have a problem with blood and dying animals)

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Anonymous said...

Palin has been mauled by the internet. She was a very bad pick for the Right wing republican party. It all started with the photoshopped picture of her head on a gun wielding bikini babe.

I guess all the claims by "Free Republic" type bloggers to have influence over elections has been dispelled with this election.

Obama will prove to be a good pick for the US peoples.