Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windows XP Expansion Pack 3 Danger...Danger!!

Anyone who has installed or is about to install Windows XP Expansion Pack 3 and uses remote desktop to network between computers beware!! I installed it on my office computer which I often remote to from home PC and my laptop and now it is no longer functioning. This is extreamly irritating as I store my thesis text on my office PC as it is backed up twice a day by the university IT people. As well the university computer has access to journals and periodicals from the library's online collection as well as a lot of texts stored on its own drives. Now it seems Microsoft has stuffed up with the service pack and people are beginning to notice:

The latest service pack for Windows XP continues to cause problems for users. According to an online user forum, the latest glitch in Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) causes problems with the remote desktop access feature of Windows Home Server.

On the We Got Served U.K.-based Windows user forum, Windows XP users running Windows Home Server, Microsoft's home storage and local networking server, report that SP3 is cutting off their access to the server from their PCs. The remote desktop access feature would ask users to add their home server's Web site address in order to access it even after they already had, users reported.

According to a user on Microsoft's Windows Home Server forum, the problem arose because Windows XP SP3 by default disables Terminal Services Active X control as part of its security model. The user, ColinWH, posted a fix for the problem that outlines how to enable the Terminal Services ActiveX control in Internet Explorer.
PC World: Users Report More Trouble With Windows XP SP3

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