Monday, May 12, 2008

Resistance Studies Magazine

The second issue of the Resistance Studies Magazine is out now (Direct link to pdf). It contains five highly relevant articles discussing and defining what Resistance Studies is all about and one review contributing to the critical debate on the concept of resistance. The magazine has doubled in length since the first issue came out in January, and through online publication this of course renders no problems.

The titles and authors are:

    * Claims to Globalization: Thailand’s Assembly of the Poor and the Multilevel Resistance o Capitalist Development, by Pei Palmgren, New York University
    * Becoming Power Through Dance, by Duygun Erim, The Open University
    * Changing the system from the outside – an evaluative analysis of social movements opposing the 2007 G8 summit, by Patrick T. Hiller, Nova Southeastern University
    * Multinational Corporations and Human Rights Abuses: A case study of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People and Ijaw Youth Council of Nigeria, by Victor Ojakorotu (Monash University) and Ayo Whetho ( University of KwaZulu-Natal)
    * School's Out: strategies of resistance in colonial Sierra Leone, by Christine H. Whyte, London School of Economics
    * Review; “Conceptualizing Resistance”, by Jocelyn A. Hollander and Rachel L. Einwohner, by Johan Johansson, University of Gothenburg, Museion

Please spread the word, and if you run a website or a blog, you are welcome to link to the magazine page!

Also the second issue has been produced with a zero budget, relying solely on the work of dedicated researchers and intellectuals. All of you who have contributed, even with the smallest things; Thank you so much!

Christopher Kullenberg (editor and publisher)
Jakob Lehne (assistant editor)

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