Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The State of Me

This blog is a bit slow at the moment but it is the last week of term for undergrad students so I have been marking exams and correcting essay drafts. As well I was sick for a lot of last week and then on the weekend my youngest son got the same bug and it 'knocked him for six'. He was admitted to hospital on Sunday with dehydration after a horrible weekend where we nursed him. He is still in hospital (with Erika sleeping by his side, although she is presenting her final project for a Masters in Journalism tomorrow!) and is much better, but it has made this week chaos.
I did however manage to attend bit of the SLanguages 2008 conference in Second Life (Blog post on the HUMlab blog with images), write about 8 pages of my next thesis chapter (a very Work in Progress seminar on the 10th June) and meet with three visiting researchers in HUMlab. I have a third term students seminar on Friday and a lot more thesis to write. Onwards! (as one of my supervisors wrote to me recently)

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