Friday, December 28, 2007

Nothing Can Like CAN Can

Can 1972

To see us through the strange ambience of the in-between days we have been granted nine bootlegs from legendary dream merchants CAN:

Prehistoric Future 1968
Unopened 1968
Mother Sky Berlin 1971
Radio Waves 1972
Horrortrip in the Paperhouse 1972
Live in Arles ,France 1975

and HERE
Great Britain 1977 Vol. 2
Free Concert part (one and two)
Future Days And past Nights (parts one and two)

The days between Christmas and New Year are a relaxing but slow time for me. I am pottering around with a few things; learning about DivX video and applying subtitles to films, working a bit in Second Life, reading and spending time with the family. Should do something but would rather just chill......Maybe more recomended media later today (it's friday..right?) or maybe not.

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