Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Google + Alleph

Here's a tricky textual situation.
I have gone back to close reading the texts that make up my thesis corpus. I have played/read the texts many times, but this time I am being merciless. Every pixel is being accounted for and it will probably be how I am going to spend my Christmas break. I have been having a major problem with Alleph by Sakab Bashir. Using Google to find the text I have been unable to get passed this Macromedia Flash Update page:

No matter what I did I was getting a continual demand to upgrade my Flash plug-in. I called our Tech dude and he also struggled with it. While he was doing this we were having a chat about the vagaries of the Google browser. After trying several alternatives it emerged what the problem was. Tech Dude noted the URL and it was the Google browser prioritizing the Flash Update page over the actual Splash Page:

So, this all leaves me with the thought that the Google search engine has entered into dialogue with the text, Alleph. The texture of response that is projected by Alleph is infected, so to speak, with the texture of the Google search engine. It has slowed me down a bit today, but I image it would be preventing many from responding to Alleph at all. An interesting example of network texture as related to implied response within a digital work. It is also an example of sloppy authorship, or lack of consideration for evolving connections in the networks of the text.

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