Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liminalities On Sound

The current issue of Liminalities; A Journal of Performance volume 3, number 3 (November 2007), is an expanded special issue edited by Michael LeVan on the theme of Sound. This issue includes an audio epigraph, a monograph on Arthur Russell, a project about temporary radio memorials, an essay about Manu Chao, a recording-essay about Freud and secrets and sound, a video on an ethnographic performance about voice, a sound essay about a performance by an ex-radio reporter, an audio project about auto- (and oto-)phonography, an essay revisiting Rudolph Arnheim's text on radio, a pedagogy essay (and audio recording) about performing aural appeals, and reviews of two books on sound. Liminalities is produced on Mac systems. It looks best in open source browsers like Firefox.

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