Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Downstreams (about time for sleep)

Cambodian Rocks (Mp3s)
In 1996, the Parallel World label released the LP "Cambodian Rocks", a collection of Cambodian psych and garage music from the 60s and early 70s (probably), compiled by an American tourist named Paul Wheeler from some cassettes he bought in Phnom Penh. No information on the songs was provided at all, no artist names, no song titles, and no recording dates. Four years later, Parallel World reissued this compilation on CD with a few extra tracks, but still without any identifying information. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that many of the featured musicians, showing a definite Western influence in their music, were murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime which took over power in 1975. Certainly none of them ever received any money from the sales of this compilation. However, the music is wonderful, and here it is for your enjoyment.

Stockhausen on 'sounds', 1972
Karlheinz Stockhausen died last week aged 79. I did not listen to his music much (I much prefer the French crew of Luc Ferrari and Pierre Schaeffer) but I realise his contribution to sound art. This video is a 10 min. excerpt from Karlheinz Stockausen's May 1972 lecture to the Oxford Union on 'Four Criteria of Electronic Music'.

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (Videos)
The AOM is an international orchestra with members from Switzerland, Italia, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada and has only existed since beginning of year 2007. AOM was started on the initiative of Maximillian Nakamura. Now in late april 2007 AOM has so far performed twice with the first piece played in middle March called Vicky's Mosquitos #13 and some weeks later the piece FADHEIT by Maximillian. The AOM exist in the 3D virtual world platform of Second Life but they can be heard anywhere.

Sex Love & War - Part 1 Sex with Strangers - WWII
I remember my grandmother, who was a very Christian lady, telling me that "terrible things" went on in the Western Desert and Cairo in 1942. She was not refering to the wholesale slaughter, the results of which she witnessed as an army nurse. Rather, she spoke of the open sex that was never far away in the grip of war. In Sex with Strangers we meet the young single men and women for whom the war brought unexpected opportunities for brief encounters, flings and sexual adventure. Many began the war as innocent virgins. But the danger of death inspired a 'live for today' attitude and sexual liberation. Young women experimented with different sexual partners and discovered the joy of the orgasm for the first time.

DC Smackdown
DC Smackdown is the latest vaguely political PC game out on the market. It's a satirical fighting game, in which players pit Presidential candidates and political pundits against one another in Street Fighter-style battles. Each character has a special move, of course, from Hillary Clinton's "Intern Trample" to Bill O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone".

André Jansson - Mediekultur och samhälle (Studentlitteratur)
A whole textbook introduction in Swedish for Media Culture and Society. Its just what you wanted for Christmas, right? Here's the blurb, also you may notice in Swedish:
Inom medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap studeras mediernas betydelse i kulturen och i samhället. ─mnets relevans har onekligen stigit i takt med att nya medieteknologier introducerats och medieutbudet mångfaldigats. Men ämnet innehåller också motsättningar i fråga om vad som är viktigt att studera och hur studierna bör bedrivas. Under de senaste 20 åren har framför allt kulturteoretiska perspektiv vunnit mark ? och det är dessa perspektiv som boken handlar om.

Also in Swedish, a journal of digital dada with visuals, audio and text.

Finally I'd just like to say that OurMedia has revamped the site and it is looking good. There is an excellent selection of fine anarchist video, amatuer media, shonky podcasts, home spun poetry and film of that protest that you heard about but never got to....

Spell Check not working...push publish and I am off to bed....happy weekend all!

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