Monday, May 28, 2007

Your Second Life

If you are a student or staff member of Umeå University and are interested in Second Life but are not sure what it is (like you don't get the newspaper or look at TV or have Internet...oh you are reading this aren't you) or want to learn more about Second Life and Virtual Worlds in general then do I have short course for you.

Exactly twenty four hours after the opening of the Swedish Embassy in Second Life, on Thursday 31 May at 09:00 I will be leading a group into a 3 hour short course in HUMlab called Your Second Life: Living and Building in Second Life. Everybody MUST have an avatar in Second Life for this course, I will send out a mail on Wednesday with instructions on how to get an account in Second Life. If you don't have one when the course starts we will get one for you together. The course will be divided into three bite size portions:

1. A brief talk about Virtual Worlds; what are they, where are they, why are they. I have a list of 14 of them. Maybe you know some more. We can look at some of the philosophical, critical, social, theoretical, identity, political, economic and language issues arrising out of Second Life. Check out this Australian online documentary as background; You Only Life Twice.

2. For the second hour we will be moving into Second Life. I am putting together a list of choice locations that I have encountered in my wanderings inworld. We will be teleporting about the place, encountering who knows what. I have been in Second Life since October last year, a relative newby, but I have been working with Virtual Worlds online since 2003- just not the real popular ones. I will be outlining the rules and etiquettes of Second Life as I understand them. Some of the laws of Second Life are a bit complex, such as those surrounding currency exchange and land purchases. This is something I am living at the moment and will share my experiences with all who are willing to listen.

3. Finally we will teleport to a few sandboxes (practice spaces) and build some things. Sandboxes can be rough places (remember dagis?) so we will look after each other. Community is what it is all about.

You can book a place for this virtual learing tour now HERE. I hope to see you in HUMlab.

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