Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spook Country by William Gibson

"The core of how politics and technology work together for me is that technology is very seldom legislated into existence."
William Gibson 2007
William Gibson has a new book out on 7th August 2007, Spook Country is about the cultural changes in the United States since the Twin Towers attack of 9/11. A lengthy video interview with Gibson (with lots of moody sequences as Bill wanders around the urban car-nage of America) is available HERE. He says some very interesting things.


Memetic Engineer said...

08/07/2007 is the USA date format for 7th August rather than the 8th of July, when "Spook Country" is supposed to be published.

((((((((ö)))))))) said...

aahhh ok...numbers were never my strong point.