Friday, May 18, 2007

Because its Friday Downloads

Two days ago I discovered the website of world dub reggae band Action Taken. They have two CDs for free download on their site, Reparation Time and the 4 track demo IRIE UNIVERSITY (About Paulo Freire, Michael Foucault & real education). Action Taken are heavy dub and beautiful reggae beats with political lyrics that deliver a powerful message about the world today (includes samples from Noam Chomsky and Vandana Shiva).

My dear friends in the Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood have released yet another CD of new noise shamanic transformance. One track from "Suppress (Detached) Orchestra" is available for download HERE.

The Crimea is a band I have not heard. Are they any good? You can find out by downloading their latest album for free as it was put online following a falling out with their record company. Secrets of the Witching Hour.

Finally some books from altX Press:

edited by Eugene Thacker
HARD_CODE is an anthology of experimental electronic prose which asks the question: What kinds of stories are told by data? The texts in this anthology respond to this question from a wide range of viewpoints, often suggesting that the dynamics between bodies and data is not always a smooth one. Filled with identity avatars, DNA bodies, generative code, and virtual realities, HARD_CODE combines leading-edge work from new media art/, cultural theory, and experimental fiction, forming new hybrids between flesh and data.

How To Be An Internet Artist
Mark Amerika
How To Be An Internet Artist is the latest collection of new media writings from Mark Amerika, one of the most-celebrated digital artists of our time. This eclectic mix of pseudo-autobiographical fictions explores many of the themes generated in Amerika's internationally-exhibited net art, including hypertextual consciousness, cyborg-narrators, reality hacking, and creating on-the-fly stories via an ongoing practice of surf-sample-manipulate.

Rhizomatically spreading his meme-virus into the ever expanding discourse network, Amerika's fictional rants trace the early history of Internet art as only he can know it. With most in-the-know art critics, curators and web mavens generally agreeing that the genesis of Internet art is inextricably linked to the conceptual work flow of Amerika's cultural production, this ebook slyly relocates Benjamin's "lost aura" and puts the dot back into

by Ronald Sukenick
COWS, whose style includes the detective story, the western, sci-fi, porn, and other elements of genre fiction, investigates the dark and dirty side of American culture taking off from the JonBenet murder case in Boulder, Colorado.

One of the leading postmodern innovators, Ronald Sukenick has been on the cutting edge of American writing for thirty years and his influence has been pervasive. His breakthrough books, Up, a novel, and The Death of the Novel and Other Stories, were landmarks in the explosion of a new kind of American fiction in the sixties and early seventies. His novel 98.6 has been in print for twenty five years. His recent books, Mosaic Man and Narralogues, turn his innovative style to the roots of Western tradition in the context of Pop Culture. Throughout his career Sukenick has used mass market modes to subvert the mass market, most lately in a movement called Avant-Pop.

Making Scenes
by Adrienne Eisen
Making Scenes is the debut novel of hypertext star Adrienne Eisen. An exploration into the psychogeographical states of mind lived by its main character, this is a story that traces the emotional fault line of America to its core, exposing all of the subliminal cracks and multi-tracks, while bringing back to life the rival tradition of American writing from Henry Miller to Kathy Acker.

by Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim's new ebook, .echo, takes you on a fascinating journey with Nikuko Meat-Girl into the language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking and virtual subjectivity. While interacting with Sondheim's ebook of mystical eroticism, the reader will lose themselves in a net.fiction charged with sex, obsession, codework and real bodies pushed to the limit. A provocative theory-world presented in the guise of experimental narrative, .echo takes the reader on a high-speed, yet zen-like trip through a hallucinatory landscape that one can imagine used to be the world. There's never been anything like this book as it confounds the relationship between America and Japan, prosthetics and aesthetics, visible words and invisible intelligences. Enter at your own risk!

The Anarchivists of Eco-Dub
by Nile Southern
ECO-DUB is a real and evolving cultural repository of image, sound and text--driven by a fictional cast of characters looking for answers in a society that commercial media left behind. Set in the near future, the world's only hope of holding onto a humanist (and progressive) identity rests with a rag-tag band of drug and sex-addled info-junkies.

The Twilight of the Bums
by Raymond Federman and George Chambers
George Chambers & Raymond Federman are the Abbot and Costello of postmodernism. You never know who's on first or who's at bat but the result is always a home run. GC's most famous book is The Bonnyclabber or maybe The Last Man Standing and RF's is Double or Nothing or maybe Take It Or Leave It.

Neuromantic Fiction: The Black Ice Anthology
Edited by Mark Amerika, Matt Samet and Clint Ruhlman
With an introduction by Ronald Sukenick
This special collection of Black Ice fiction features the work of Richard Grossman, Wiley Wiggins, Matthew Fuller, Diana George, Lidia Yuknavitch, Erik Belgum, Don Webb, Jacques Servin, Doug Rice, Gashgirl, D.N. Stuefloten, Ann Bogle, Jeffrey DeShell, Matt Samet, Michelle Albert and many others.

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