Saturday, April 07, 2007

Second Life as Capitalist Playpen

Bling bling....Second Life calling

Step One: Assemble a Public with enough disposable capital to justify assembling them.
Step two: Begin doing market research on the Public you have assembled.
Step three: Try and keep up with the enormous amount of information flowing into and out of the Public.
Step four: Start selling the information.

Today I stumbled upon the UK's Kzero, which "specialises in branding, advertising and digital marketing consultancy". They do a lot of demographic and marketing work in Second Life and it really is fascinating stuff. In a way it makes perfect sense, such a resource as represented by the who knows how many millions of people, bots, companies, and so on that have signed on to SL would be a market research mother load. I suppose I am feeling a bit of a community inspired winse of pain when I read:

At a base level, everyone likes something for free
If you’re seen by residents as simply a company that’s opened up an office (for example) in SL, you’re likely to be seen as overtly commercial
Giving things for free shows you’re interested in the community and WANT to give them something

is not really my idea of community. But then again how can one have any other sort of community than business when the neighbourhood looks like this:

Does it sound like I am forming some sort of stereotyped opinion about SL?

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