Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Art and Space Second Life on TV and The Port

The virtuality of television attempts to explain the virtuality of Second Life. The Swedish national broadcaster SVT has been sending a weekly 1/2 hour arts program called (very imaginative) Arty. This week they have a nice episode on art architecture and public/private spaces (streamed and much of it in English). There is not a lot of detail in this very broad concept (not a lot of time in 30 minutes) and I get the impression the program is an attempt to expose more people to art that may not have the opportunity or the time to interact themselves with it (like hard working PhDs with kids). What interested me from this week's Arty was the work of The Port artists Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby. They move around the (tricky) dictotomy of virtual and real producing art on both sides of the screen. The Port is their space in Second Life where artists can meet and participate in events. There is a short film in the Arty clip of their opening of The Port in a public park with screens set up. This is an interesting concept; the blending of spaces, and presumably time/s as well. Arty begins chatting Second Life at the 16:42 mins mark on the video stream. The Port (busy busy busy) also operates the magazine and wikki Flack Attack. Also check out Goldin and Senneby's Objects of Virtual Desire:

This project explores immaterial production in a virtual world, and if and
how this can be transferred into an economy of material production. We have collected a series of objects produced and owned by inhabitants in the online world Second Life and will sell physical reproductions of these objects via our web shop.
Each chosen object has a strong sentimental value for the avatar (a persons virtual identity) who made or owned it. We have acquired (copies of) these objects, along with their owner’s personal story, within the in-world economy of Second Life.

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