Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Code 2.0 Flash Movie

Its not often that a book is presented like a movie in a flash film online. Code 2.0 by Lessig is that sort of book (I have it sitting on my desk but have not yet started it). Check it out HERE.

And the blurb:
There’s a common belief that cyberspace cannot be regulated—that it is immune from the government’s (or anyone else’s) control. Under the influence of commerce, cyberspace is becoming a highly regulable space, where behavior is much more tightly controlled than in real space. We can—we must—choose what kind of cyberspace we want and what freedoms we will guarantee. This second edition of Code, or Version 2.0, has been prepared through the author’s wiki, a web site that allows readers to edit the text, making this the first reader-edited revision of a popular book.

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