Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grey Lodge review #18

Grey Lodge Review #18 is online and what a beautiful piece of work it is. The following are just some of what is downloadable from the site:
* Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning is a psychedelic roadtrip across the highways of the modern collective unconscious. It's a world where just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you, where the things you dream about can come back to haunt you when you wake, and where the end of this world is just the beginning of another.
* Ultraculture Journal One collects under one cover the most volatile and direct magickal writing currently available in the English language. It will change you at the cellular level. You have been forewarned.
* Hatred of Capitalism: A Semiotext(e) Reader (PDF) What an anthology. Over 400 pages packed with the likes of Kathy Acker, George Bataille, Jean Baudrillard, William Burroughs, John Cage, Gilles Deleuze, Bob Flanagan, Michel Foucault, Felix Guattari, J-F Lyotard, Ulrike Meinhof, Kate Millet, Cookie Mueller, David Rattray, Ann Rower, Assata Shakur, Michelle Tea, Lynne Tillman, Paul Virilia and many, many more. Twenty-five years of some of the finest writing to come out of America, France, and beyond.
* Derrida: Dissemination (PDF) 'Who is it that is addressing you? Since it is not an author, a narrator, or a deus ex machina, it is an I that is both part of the spectacle and part of the audience, an I that, a bit like you, undergoes its own incessant violent reinscription within the arithmetical machinery. An I that functioning as a pure passageway for operations of substitution is not some singular and irreplaceable existence, some subject or life. But only rather moves between life and death, between reality and fiction. An I that is a mere function or phantom.
* Paul Virilio: The Vision Machine (PDF)"It is a war of images and sounds, rather than objects and things, in which winning is simply a matter of not losing sight of the opposition. The will to see all, to know all, at every moment, everywhere, the will to universalised illumination: a scientific permutation on the eye of God which would forever rule out the surprise, the accident, the irruption of the unforeseen."
* BANKSY X 3- Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall"Nearly a hundred pictures are featured here. Each and every one of them a pathetic cry for help" -The Guardian

Should I go on.....Really need I say more?


necropunk said...

hey, do you still have your copy of Hatred of Capitalism: A Semiotext(e) Reader?

it seems that it got deleted from the greylodge servers due to copyright claims.

((((((((ö)))))))) said...

I just ordered a second hand copy from amazon for £6. An ironic way to buy a book titled Hatred of Capitalism but that's life. I will check if I have a digital copy still and let you know. Email me (address above).