Thursday, February 08, 2007

Space is the Place

The Vice Chancellor of Umea University Göran Sandberg is presented with a well travelled banner by Swedish astronaut Krister Fugelsang.

Krister Fugelsang is a Swedish particle physicist who works for the European Space Agency assigned to NASA. He flew to the International Space Station (ISS) in December and since then my son Silas has been very fixated on space. When we heard Fugelsang was coming to Umea to speak and show some film of his mission we entered a draw to get some tickets. We finally (much organising on my part) got two tickets and today we set off on a bicycle in minus 18 degrees cold to 'go see Fugelsang'. It went well and Silas got to ask him a question.

The question and answer can be heard HERE (its in Swedish). I was very proud of Silas as he had wanted to ask this question for weeks and he was determined to ask it. The whole presentation, including some very cool videos from the ISS can be seen HERE.

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