Monday, February 19, 2007

A shortage of Work for MPA and Federal Agents?

It seems that there may soon be a shortage of work for MPA and Federal Agents involved in hunting down file sharers in the USA. EMI, it seems, is in talks to negotiate dumping all Digital Rights Management (DRM) from its products:

Major label EMI — home of Coldplay and Norah Jones — is in discussions with online music stores about selling its music without copy protection, or digital rights management (DRM), according to two sources with direct knowledge of the talks who would not speak for attribution because discussions are ongoing.

The we have the outburst from Steve Jobbs:

"The labels understand that DRM has to go," he says. "It's nothing but a tax on digital consumers. There's good momentum behind DRM going away."

So what are these modern day Sam Spades going to do without the crime to solve? Come to Sweden perhaps:

Den amerikanska lobbygruppen Motion Picture Association, MPA, och agenter från FBI har undervisat svenska poliser om upphovsrätt och piratkopiering. Enligt MPA var syftet att "lära och träna" svensk polis i hur piratkopiering ska bekämpas.

TRANSLATION: The Ameerican lobby group Motion Picture Association, MPA, and agents from the FBI have lectured Swedish police on copyright and pirate copying. According to the MPA the goal was to "teach and train" the Swedish police in how pirate copying shall be fought" (whole article in Swedish)

When the crime "goes away" where do the crime fighters go?

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