Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Second Life in Sweden

Tonight at 22.00 CET the national swedish television network on SVT 1 will host a discussion on Second Life. From the website;

Vet du att du kan tjäna dina pengar och leva ditt liv helt på webben? I den virtuella världen Second Life kan du leva, bygga hus och starta ditt egna företag. Och du kan tjäna penga, helt verkliga pengar! Är detta framtiden? Eller är det ett nöje för insnöade datanördar? Vi träffar invånare i Second Life som diskuterar varför de föredrar den andra verkligheten. Följ debatten i Argument!

Did you know that you can earn money and live your life entirely on the web? In the virtual world Second Life you can live, buld a house, and start your own business. And you can earn money, completely real money! Is this the future? Or is it pleasure for those trapped in their computers? We meet inhabitants of Second Life to discuss why they prefer the other reality. Follow the deabte in Argument!

Some of the assumptions behind this description are clearly very very dodgy, but that is the idea I suppose as the program is called Argument and debate is the goal. I made a comment (in my own dodgy Swedish) in the thread for Second Life, but I am alone as the only one so far. Maybe Second Life has not caught on in Sweden as it has in other countries. Perhaps we shall get a better idea after the program tonight.

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