Thursday, February 22, 2007

Council Apolagises for Destroying Grafitti

What a difference a Los Angeles show and £100 000 makes in the life of a graffiti artist:

When council cleaners spotted graffiti 24 hours before the official opening of a new London square, they enthusiastically removed every trace of the offending drawings.
Unfortunately, the two stencils they wiped out were drawn by Banksy, the subversive artist. One of his works fetched more than £100,000 in auction at Sotheby’s this week.
To make matters worse, the street cleaners did not deem the graffiti worthy of being photographed before destruction, as is their usual policy. Nor did they seek permission from the building’s owners. The council has now admitted its blunder and apologised.

The Times

From the can of Banksy:

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