Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Video the Vote 2006

In 2004 I had the pleasure of spending time with Howard Rheingold, as a participant in a workshop in HUMlab, at a seminar he gave and privately at a dinner and general fun evening (a very hot sauna too). He inspired me with his take on mobile technologies and democratic process giving examples from all over the world and the internet. Today I suspect Howard is watching the midterm elections in the USA with interest. Something that could be a massive grassroots movement is Video the Vote 2006:

"In 2000 and 2004, problems plagued the polls in different parts of the country: long lines, eligible voters turned away, voter intimidation, misallocation and malfunctioning of voting equipment. They were underreported on Election Day. Days and weeks later, a more complete picture of voter disenfranchisement emergedÂ?but it was too late. The elections were over and the media had moved on. Starting this election, citizen journalists, people like you and me will document problems as they occur. We'll play them online, spread word through blogs and partner websites, doing our part to make sure the full story of our elections is told."

The results of this massive media experiment in democratic process will be online in a couple of days. This should be interesting. A video promo is HERE.

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