Thursday, November 09, 2006

George Martin Remix His last Work?

Isn't interesting that at the age of 80 George Martin, the producer of most of the Beatles albums, has decided to remix some of their most famous songs and rerelease them. As he will turn 81 in a couple of months (January 3rd) and he is going deaf this will probably be his last work. I wonder if the remix album, titled "Love" and to be available on November 20, can be read as a sort of final comment on the nature of modern popular music. The Beatles took classic rock and roll and experimented with it, adding bohemian and suburban flavour to it. Now Martin has remixed 26 songs in collaboration with his son Giles. The tunes have taken on a stringed symphonic sound and the vocals have been foregrounded (judging by the four clips available online). The songs will no doubt go on evolving after Martin is gone. This is how it is with music, it goes on and on.

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