Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bruegel Winter and UBU

Pieter Bruegel (about 1525-69)Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap 1565 - Oil, 38 x 56 cm; Wiltshire, Wilton House

With the weather here lately being white and the trees bare I keep getting the sensation that I am inside a Bruegel landscape. I have been living full time in Europe since 2000 (this is my sixth winter) but I have never felt so "in" the picture before. Is this a sign that I am adjusting to the climate or that I am losing my mind? Maybe both.

During this time of half melted snow (each winter I have been in this landscape it seems to be getting warmer...but we know all about that don't we) and grey atmosphere there is no better way to enjoy you time than the incredible offerings on UBUWEB. Really it is one of the best things on the net; thousands of film, audio, text and image files in a comprehensive coverage of the last hundred years of the most interesting things in art and expression. And they even have streamed content now....Who needs to go outside?

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