Sunday, November 05, 2006

Review of Cauldron at Moonshake

A review of last Monday's playing with Jens, LO and Arne has appeared:

The next band on the stage was Cauldron, with members from Umea and Skelleftea, several familiar on the psychedelic music scene. Jens and LO play also in The Spacious Mind, Arne plays with the Holy River Family Band and Jim has released solo records and also participated on the records of others. They began with a long beautiful drone tune where Jim's didgeridoo together with Jens keyboard create a base structure, over this improvised Arne on saz and LO complemented on 12 string guitar. The beginning is extremely atmospheric and beautiful, but when after approx 12-15 minutes they slide over to the next tune and Arne changes to electric guitar and Jim to hand drum, I am beginning to feel it is becoming a little tedious. Above all I am not especially elated by guitar solo and here, while indeed virtuoso guitar playing, after getting close to 30 minutes of 1970's flavored impromptu guitar solo I begin to feel myself gorged.

Mmmmm..ouch...but not too bad. The original in Swedish, with reviews of Cellsam X (Brilliant) and Larkin Grimm (Astounding) can be found at The Culture Newspaper by Krister Mörtsell. I hope to post the mp3 of the Cauldron jam soon.

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