Friday, September 15, 2006

Earthdance 2006

This Saturday/Sunday I will be taking part in the first Earthdance gathering in Sweden. It is the 10th year the international gathering has been held. It is a creative convergence of music, dance and poetry that will be sent out as a webcast from HERE.

The Swedish earthdance features:

Ove Svensson, Flute Player and Healer, Council of the Elders
Jim Barrett, Didgeridoo player, Australian Living in Umea
Patrik From, Artist from Ersboda
Annika Bjurholm, Journalist, writer and drummer from Anumark
Peter Karlsson, Music therapist and taxi driver, drummer from Umea
Oscar Loncochino, Song, Flute, Earthdance arranger, from Ersboda

We will be gathering at 23:30 in the field with the open dance floor between west and east Ersboda. We will be lighting a large fire at 24:00 and then it will be music and song until 01:00. Please come and join us.

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