Friday, September 08, 2006

Banksy on Paris

British information artist Banksy has "replaced 500 copies of Paris Hilton's debut album in 48 different [42 according to Banksy] UK record stores with his own parodical remixes and cover art. Music tracks were given titles such as "Why am I Famous?", "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?" The cover art depicted Paris Hilton digitally altered to appear topless. Other pictures feature her with a dog's head replacing her own, and one of her stepping out of a luxury car, edited to include a group of homeless people, which included the caption 90% of success is just showing up." (from the Wikipedia)

According to the BBC:

No customers had complained or returned a doctored version, said a spokesman for HMV .

"It's not the type of behaviour you'd want to see happening very often," he said.

"I guess you can give an individual such as Banksy a little bit of leeway for his own particular brand of artistic engagement.

"Often people might have a view on something but feel they can't always express it, but it's down to the likes of Banksy to say often what people think about things.

"And it might be that there will be some people who agree with his views on the Paris Hilton album."

A spokesman for Virgin Megastores said staff were searching for affected CDs but it was proving hard to find them all.

"I have to take my hat off - it's a very good stunt," he added.

The images from the CD are on Sharl's Flickr page (Thanks Robert). Does any one have a copy of the CD they would like to share (they are selling on eBay for £800 each now)?????

The video of the action:

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