Sunday, April 23, 2006

A New Week Jumps Up and Licks my Face

It is late Sunday night after a pretty good weekend. I managed to record some new music of my own yesterday, a rare event in these busy times. On Saturday night my compadres over distance played at Terrastock 6 in Providence RI. I was obviously not there in person but as I drifted in to sleep I felt a strange musical presence in the room. I expect they left the room speechless.
For me the week ahead is going to be a beauty. First off on Tuesday there is the Web 2.0 course in HUMlab that I am one of two leader/facilitators for. Then on Wednesday I am looking forward to a special seminar from Dr. Richard Jones-Bamman (Dept. of Performing Arts, Eastern Connecticut State University) who is a guest researcher with the Sami Studies Department at Umea University this term. Dr. Jones-Bamman will be speaking on "Is Music the Universal Language?" in the first of a series of four seminars under the title, 'Familiar Sounds from Strange Places: Music in Contemporary Society'.
Then on Thursday we have Willard McCarty giving a seminar in HUMlab. Having subscribed to the Humanities Computing email list for about two years now I feel like I already have communicated with the man, although I have never written a word on the list. Can't help but feeling out of my depth with some of the discussions that go on.
Friday is me being a guest lecturer with the Department of Computing Science were I will be giving a presentation/performance on "The Computer Technician as Author". I am looking forward to this as it is a chance to speak about the core of what I do in my own research. Something that I am very charged about is the cross-disciplinary paradigm of talking humanities dialect in a science environment about a digital subject. Should be fun.

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