Monday, April 24, 2006


A new edition of Neural is out and as always it looks very cool:

. Spam, the economy of desire,
. news (Flickr Peep Show, PostSecret, Sequences, Mindbending, inc., Silver Cell).
. reviews (Soviet-Unterzögersdorf, File Extinguisher, Miscalculator, Flying Spy
Potatoes, Overheard in New York)
. centerfold: Spin, liquid (tele)vision mediation

. Hack the Google self.referentialism,
. Natalie Jeremijenko interview,
. Igor Stromajer interview,
. The map is (not) the territory
. news (Shmoogle, Passfaces, Idiki, Netsukuku, Newsbreakers).
. reviews: (Code, Engineering Culture, Making Things Public,
Community Media, Everything is Under Control)

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